Maple Grove Speaker Lineup

All Day

10 Minute Interior Design Consultation

Presented by: Seran Kayserilioglu Otterson, I Mural

Visit Seran’s booth in the Main Exhibitor Hall to get a free 10 minute interior design consultation. If you’re interested in redesigning ANY aspect of your home, make sure to talk to Seran first! Seran is an expert in interior design and color consultation. Seran is a European Published Designer with over 20 years of experience in design and arts for architecture. From Fresco Restorations at Pompeii-Italy to designing commercial tiles in Spain, from creating handmade ceramics relief wall-panels in Istanbul to set decorating she is a Master Degreed international artist who is passionate and talented in designing and creating walls. Her main goal is unmask the hidden potential of the space and with her neutral and relaxing color selections adding beauty the clients’ day-to-day life.


Shingle Rehydration, a Sustainable Bio-Technology

Presented by: Nate DeBoer, Evo Roof Technologies

Learn the benefits of a new bio-Technology  thatrehydrates shingles and extends asphalt roof life naturally! Soy based and fully sustainable.


Four Strategies to Getting a Fantastic New Kitchen

Presented by: Bluestem Construction

Attend this seminar to learn about kitchen case studies to avoid some of the biggest mistakes when it comes to remodeling your kitchen!


Architecture 101

Presented by: Gregg Graton, Mainly Details Architectural Design, PLLC

Mainly Details has over twenty-five years of architectural design experience. Founder, Gregg Graton is a LEED Accredited Professional with a commitment to environmental stewardship. The philosophy of their services guides clients through their own creative process while conceptualizing new spaces. Their plans unmask the hidden potential and beauty of the clients’ day-to-day life. They pave the way for a great customer experience for every client.


Home Improvement Q&A Session

Presented by: Dylan Boland, Northface Construction LLC

Bring your questions and ideas! Dylan Boland from Northface Construction will be providing his expert knowledge on roofing, siding, windows, and gutters. Northface Construction is built to serve their clients to a higher satisfaction than any other company in the market today. Every decision they make is based on the values that create the personal interaction and finished projects that are needed in the changing construction industry. 


How To Choose Colors in Home Renovation?

Presented by: Seran Otterson, I MURAL LLC – Mural Painting & Interior Design

Making color choices can become a difficult task when we are under pressure of making the right choice and feeling like a little help would be really helpful! Here we will talk about “How to make color choices” under 3 topics: 1) Choosing Paint Color for interior and exterior painting projects. We will talk about important facts to consider before making color choices. We will talk about the importance of the paint color and share some tips to help you with selecting colors. 2) Making Color Choices With Material Selections. Coordinating multiple materials for different surface; Choosing colors for carpeting, tiling, flooring, cabinet selection, cointertop etc.This topic is especially for kitchen and bathroom renovations. 3) Choosing Colors for Home Decoration. Wall color coordination with furniture and drapery. 

Seran Otterson is a European Designer with a Master`s Degree in Fine Arts and Design. Last 10 years her work has been featured in various magazines in Europe with her previous projects in Italy, Spain and Turkey and recently in LIFE Magazine while working as a designer and a color consultant in Minnesota. She now makes her home in Minnetonka, MN with her husband and son. Seran uses her passion and talent as a designer, color consultant and a mural artist in her local business, I Mural.