Longevity Expo Speaker Lineup

Stage 1

11am – Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel — How can they help you here and now?
Presented by: Jennifer, Minnesota Satsang Society, A Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR

Have you lived before or will you live again? How can dream study benefit your life today? Learn a technique to expand your consciousness and enrich your sense of who you are and why you are here. Come join us for an enlivening discussion. Spiritual experiences from facilitators will be shared. Participants may share if they like. Event designed to be inspiring and uplifting for people of all faiths and backgrounds. Everyone is welcome!

12pm – Feel Better? More Energy? Come Learn How!
Presented by: Lynell Hage RN, BEMER Group

Most people don’t know how their body works and why they feel the way they do! Come learn how your body makes energy and why good circulation is the key to good health! Then stop by the BEMER booth for an 8 min demo and feel the difference for yourself!

1pm – Thyroid/Autoimmune disorders: Tired of Being Tired? (20 min) and Low Back Pain and Spinal Decompression: A Negative is a Positive
Presented by: Dr. Timothy Bertsch

Two 20 minute seminars will be given on the above topics. In the thyroid/AI class: Learn the stage of autoimmunity you are in and the steps to remission. In the spinal topic, we will discuss the causes of pain in the spine, home strategies to relieve the pain and proven treatment options. Nonsurgical spinal decompression will be presented.

2pm – Happy Feet – Hearing Health Education
Presented by: Dr. Mohr/Michelle/Dr. DeMorest, Midwest Podiatry Centers- The Hearing Clinic

Stop by this informative seminar to learn everything there is to know about custom orthotics, foot pain relief, hearing loss, and hearing aids!

3pm – Memory, Brain Fog, and Poor Attention: Why is My Brain Declining? (20 min) Depression and Anxiety: 5 Steps to Improve Your Mood (20 min)
Presented by: Dr. Erik Starr, Team Health Care Clinic

Join Team Health Care Clinic for this informative seminar, when they will host two 20 minute seminars on both of the above topics! Both are absolutely vital to living a long, healthy, and happy life!

Stage 2

11am – Social Security Strategies
Presented by: Tom Ostdiek, Ostdiek Group, Inc.

Helping to make the most out of your Social Security Benefits!

12pm – Telomeres and Aging In Every Body System.
Presented by: Dave Mac Arthur, Isagenix International

This seminar will explore telomeres and aging in every body system.

2pm – Muscle Weakness: Exercise Isn’t Enough
Presented by: Shannon Maixner, Fitness Focus

An introduction to Muscle Activation Technique

3pm – Benefits of Chiropractic
Presented by: Shawn Sailer, The Brost Clinic

The benefits of chiropractic are numerous and widespread! Learn about them at this informative seminar. Bring your questions!